Micheal Goodman

Group Content Manager | Via Afrika

Speaker Profile

Micheal has been working in education for over 25 years in teaching, authoring, teacher education and publishing roles. He is passionate about the role technology can play in achieving the good education that is needed. When applied effectively, technology can transform educational practice as it currently is, and solve the many problems we face across our continent, and in fact, in many countries across the globe. Michael is the Group Content Development Manager of a leading southern African educational publishing house, Via Afrika. I believe that a good education for children affects all our lives and it is my purpose to find ways to achieve that.

My Sessions

Meet the e-learning challenge head-on: Change-proof yourself

Workshop Room 2

Everyone keeps talking about how digital education or elearning is going to make a difference. But is anyone stopping to think about how we as teachers deal with the changes that digital education demands? Change management research clearly shows that all people involved in a change must be involved. When a school implements elearning, this […]

Ed-Tech Quality Education

Facing the Cha(lle)nge of Digital Learning

King Shaka

Change causes distress for all humans for evolutionary reasons. How then can teachers in the 21st Century deal with the amount of change they face? This presentation explores the types of change faced, the reasons for the change and some concrete actions teachers can take to manage the change.