David Fu

COO | Streetlight Schools


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David (call him ‘Fu’) helps Streetlight build a dynamic central organization team, as well as supports building excellent operational capacity at the schools. He manages aspects of strategy, human capital, finance, operations, communications for Streetlight Schools. He helped Streetlight on the side as part of the U.S. Fundraising & Advisory Team for nearly ~3 years before joining full time. He was previously Manager of Community Development for 4.0 Schools, a U.S. education incubator for early-stage innovative schools, edtech companies and education nonprofits, where he led 4.0’s work to develop education entrepreneurship communities across the country (and leading 4.0’s expansion into NYC). Before 4.0, he worked for Barclays as an investment banker in Global Finance Structuring & Advisory. He gives back by helping community builders cultivate their education innovation ecosystems and never turns down an offer to show off over 20 years of piano playing.

My Sessions

Innovative Approaches to Low Cost Quality Education

Workshop Room 2

What if South Africa’s neediest children had the most effective and transformative teachers and most innovative and cost-effective schools to help them unlock their full potential? Extended version: There are four core approaches that we’ve developed at Streetlight Schools to help us answer the question above: Building and launching inner-city schools at low cost Training […]

Ed-Tech Quality Education