Building the Pipeline of Maths and Science Students- the AIMS model

Main Auditorium

If Africa is to gain its rightful place in the global knowledge economy and secure its economic future, significant focus must be put on increasing the quality of math and science teaching. Essential to this focus is a holistic and comprehensive approach that takes into account service delivery, partnerships with existing educational systems and the strengthening of the policy environment that supports teachers and STEM education. An effective teacher training initiative is one of the best ways to affect positive and lasting behavioural change that will contribute to an increased uptake in math and sciences at a national level. The Teacher Training Program designed by the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) is an initiative which will help raise the quality of secondary math and science education in Cameroon, Rwanda and other African countries, by providing teacher training and professional development courses, promoting best practices and distributing high-quality classroom resources. These efforts to improve STEM teaching will increase the transition of students to tertiary STEM education.

Youth and Leadership