Today’s Education – An End in Itself or a Means to an End – African Leadership Academy’s Journey to Creating Future African Change Makers.

Main Auditorium

How do you define good education in today’s world? Is it good grades or life/workplace readiness? How we define it, will determine how we structure education content, its delivery and experience and what we choose to measure. Starting with the end in mind, what kind of world and realities are we preparing our young people for? Are our education models currently rigid when in reality, we are facing a fast paced and ever changing world? What are the realities that they will be walking into and how are we getting them ready for that uncertain world? What’s happening politically, environmentally, socially, economically, legally and technologically that our young people need to be aware of and be ready to navigate? How are we preparing the child for the path (and not the path for the child)?

You will learn how The African Leadership Academy is preparing future African change makers and getting them ready for this ever changing African continent and the world at large.

You need to bring a smartphone or tablet. You can also bring your laptop but it’s not essential

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